a blog fully dedicated to the most beautiful, cutest, sweetest, most amazing, most perfect (and weirdest) couple in the world, ♥ Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. ♥

I'm Beth, 18, Italian and... I'm their CRAZIEST and OBSESSED-est (and first, probably) shipper (who has watched You And I music video usually 2 times everyday since August 17, 2011 and keeps watching it :D yeah I'm crazy), great expert (I've been following them from the first rumors of relationship) and I also write the mushiest fanfictions.
WARNING: I am totally unable to control myself every time I see them. Their cuteness makes me go literally crazy. Please take no notice. Thanks ^_^

I love each one of you xoxo (lilmonsterpride is my princess <3)

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"no matter what you do, there’s this giant boundary between you and someone else. so that’s what it’s (the video) about, perceiving in your imagination that there’s something magical inside of you that can make it work. “