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I'm Beth, 19, Italian and... I'm their CRAZIEST and OBSESSED-est (and first, probably) shipper (who has watched You And I music video usually 2 times everyday since August 17, 2011 and keeps watching it :D yeah I'm crazy), great expert (I've been following them from the first rumors of relationship) and I also write the mushiest fanfictions.
WARNING: I am totally unable to control myself every time I see them. Their cuteness makes me go literally crazy. Please take no notice. Thanks ^_^

I love each one of you xoxo (lilmonsterpride is my princess <3)

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I’m so tired of finding comments on Taylor’s photos like “he could do better than Lady Gaga”

what do you mean with that? why do you think that he deserves someone better? because he’s good looking compared to her? because he looks so normal compared to her?

i’ve already posted a loooong rant about it, so i’ll be straightforward this time.

I know it’s just an opinion, i accept it, but it sounds so mean. it’s like you’re telling him “dump your girlfriend, you deserve a hotter, more normal, less famous girl. that would really fit you”. would you like it if someone told that to you? who are you to tell someone whom they should love? 

if he chose HER, among millions of other girls, there must be a reason! 
there must be something that SHE has, that any other girl has not.

he could have chosen a super hot, tall, thin, unknown, ordinary woman. because, when you look at him, you see this hot, “ordinary”, placid man, and you think that he needs a woman just like him. but this is not happening.
he chose a out-of-ordinary beauty, a teeny-tiny crazy italian girl (that he, and we, love just the way she is). and he’s happy with his choice. i don’t see him waking up next to her in the morning, and regretting his choice. if this was real, they wouldn’t still be in love like the first day after more than 3 years.

somehow, he felt like she was the girl he deserved. 
he chose her, he had his reasons, he’s happy, she’s happy, we’re happy, period.

if you think he doesn’t deserve her, it’s okay, but you can’t change his mind and heart. deal with it. 

now i’ll go back to my mushy fanfiction.  

A fan asked to Lady Gaga in backstage of ArtRave if she would marry Taylor and she replied laughing: "He has to ask me to marry first."

i saw *_* 

Taylor, hurry up!!

*sobs uncontrollably*

*sobs uncontrollably*

aaaw 😭😭

aaaw 😭😭

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! i feel like the happiest girl in the world

i’ll reply as soon as i get home tomorrow. the connection here sucks and i can’t type on this notebook for ants.

i saw that Gaga tweeted about the Chicago Fire premiere, with a special dedication to her “honey”. i can’t even leave them for a day, and this happens :P

by the way, Vitas’ concert was absolutely perfect, he was the sweetest funniest cutiepie ever, i had so much fun. i still have to realize that i was watching and listening to the real him, in flesh and bones, and not an image behind a screen. 

thanks again everybody, i love you so so much, i feel so blessed to have you with me <3

Happy birthday beth 🎂🎈

thank you so much, Chels <3 ily <3

Happy birthday and btw change your age in your info I forgot to do mine on my birthday yesterday lol

thank you so much <3

yes, you’re right, thanks for reminding me :P

Happy Birthday to me!

So… today, 23 September, I turn 19. I’m old, crooked, wrinkled, no longer young and beautiful. Will you still love me? (I’ve never been young and beautiful anyway) :P

Anyway… today, as a birthday present, I’m going to Geneva (Switzerland) to see one of my favorite singers, Vitas (aka The Orgasm… erm, The Diamond voice). 
Since I’ll be abroad, speaking my finest French, I probably won’t have a great mobile internet connection (though my hotel has free cabled connection. I’ll bring a laptop) and I need my phone’s battery to take photos and videos.
If something Tayga-related happens (which I doubt), or anything interesting, don’t worry if I won’t be here. I’ll get on tumblr as soon as possible.

Also, Chicago Fire season 3 starts today and I’m super nervous about it. I’ll try not to look at spoilers, but I’ll probably end up checking tumblr at 6 a.m tomorrow. and cry and cry and cry. 

Cheek to Cheek is out today, too, so… how many things! (I’ve already listened to it three times by now but… shh :P)

I’m sure the day will go like this: car ride sadness —> Vitas concert happiness —> Chicago Fire 3x01 desperation.
A birthday to remember.

have a nice jazzy day! luv u <3

baby, why do we love each other? &lt;3

baby, why do we love each other? <3

It’s been over 3 years and we still haven’t heard Taylor say his girlfriend’s name.

that’s something to think about.

No she said " love and marry Taylor " :) I didn't hear her saying " I'll "

some said they did hear “I’ll” :/ i don’t really know.

(maybe it’s something in our mind. we hear what we want to hear. the people who really want them to get married hear “i’ll marry”, and the people who don’t want them to get married now hear “and marry”. that’s the only explanation. I’m with it :P)

I think she said "It's the way that you love, I'll marry Taylor"

do you think so? The audio is not great, that’s what I heard, and someone who was there heard that too. but others say “that you love, i’ll marry taylor”. i don’t know :(

Taylor is always interrupting Gaga when she’s singing Gypsy, whether he’s there or not… he’s always in her mind and in the (sometimes changed) words of the song ;)

"I said honey, it’s simple, it’s the way that you love and marry Taylor" :’)