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I'm Beth, 19, Italian and... I'm their CRAZIEST and OBSESSED-est shipper, and I also write the mushiest fanfictions.
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this pic is so beautiful *_*

this pic is so beautiful *_*

Do you know what video the GIFs of her saying 'I love you, Tay' and 'Taylor, what the fuck?' are from?

she said “I love you Tay” during Gypsy at the first Artrave show on May 4.

the second one, still during Gypsy, at the Madison Square Garden on May 14, 

Neither of us care to be viewed as a celebrity couple. Those sorts of things are not important to us. I think what has made me so happy with Taylor is that he fiercely loves me from the inside out. And he is completely blind to the way that I dress, my changes, my creative process as it is — he knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother and father gave birth to. He’s very supportive of everything that I do, and it means very much to me. He’s the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries. That means more to me than anything.

Gaga on her relationship with Taylor, to The Times UK 

this tweet is a few weeks old but&#8230; Sophia is just lovely :P

this tweet is a few weeks old but… Sophia is just lovely :P

i love your bio, i always read it 🆒🆒🆒

thank you so much <3

I wanted to change it, because i wrote too much about me, but if you like it i’ll keep it :) 

perfection :&#8217;)

perfection :’)

i have no caption for this.

i have no caption for this.

*heart shatters in a million pieces*

*heart shatters in a million pieces*

my other &#8220;T&#8221; *_*

my other “T” *_*

10 oct. 2012 &#8212; 2 years ago, Chicago Fire premiere

10 oct. 2012 — 2 years ago, Chicago Fire premiere

I’ve finally taken notes of everything tayga related that happened from july to now (i thought there were more things, to be honest o.O), everything is recorded, with pictures and videos, so i think i will start making the “2014” video these days :)

And Gaga tomorrow will be back in the USA, hopefully in Chicago, I can’t wait :’)

Really think they got married? I think they are engaged. Although so much has happened and if we add a few details that we really think married. She dresses in bridal shops, the rumor that he was looking for a ring for her, saying that she did not need one (as an indirect him hahaha), that photo of the hands, and now Sophia saying that his ring was personal. I did not see...

yes, I think they’re married. not 100% sure, but there’s a high chance

The thing that got me most of all is Gaga saying “Tay and me is a big mystery” when a fan asked her about the wedding rumors. It could have been a “yes” or a “maybe” (she could have said “no”, but she didn’t. she said that and smiled, like… “who knows, maybe we are”). If they haven’t gotten married privately — and i think it’s something they would do — they are thinking about it. I don’t expect them to spread the news to the world ;)

But they could be just engaged. About the ring… i was a bit puzzled, too. Usually Taylor wears a ring on his right hand, and this new ring is on the left hand. but men don’t usually wear an engagement ring. Also, not too long ago, Gaga told a fan that she’s waiting for Taylor to propose. So they could be just engaged, but planning the wedding. Gaga (she’s the only one that talks here, i wish we had more from Taylor, but he’s so shy) is certainly thinking about it :)

but I don’t know. Gaga said they are a big mystery, and they sure are.
as far as we know, she would tell us about the marriage 8 months after the real wedding. and during all those months, we would be completely clueless :P (who knows, maybe she got married last year and no one said a word about it).

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much (especially fanfictions), but my mind is such a mess right now, between finishing my novel, setting up for university, this and that… i sit in front of my laptop the whole day but i can’t accomplish anything. i didn’t even start making the Tayga 2014 video ç_ç i take notes of anything that happens about them, with dates and photos, and my last entry was from late july. part of me is like “holy shit, you have to check your blog and write down everything, it’s been over 2 months!” and the other part is like “meeh, i’ll do it tomorrow, i promise”. but tomorrow is still the same.
I am writing a simple one-shot, but inspiration comes and goes, giving me the time to only write a few lines and then it shuts down. (you know i can’t write interesting things, this fanfiction is about normal life, i feel like it will be a disappointment, among all of your beautiful fanfictions).
I’m in a total mess. Finishing high school hit me more than it should have. Hopefully, if i’ll be accepted to attend university, everything will be more stable (you won’t believe me, but i miss studying). I have too many things to do. First, that fucking novel that i said it was finished in december 2013 but i’m still here writing it. Then, all those fanfictions i’ve never finished. Then, the video. I can do it. Hang on.

in other news: i i believe the weirdos are married. i can feel it. it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. they wouldn’t need to tell the world they’re married, as long as they’re happy, and we know they are :)

What Gaga said about Taylor last night to fans

  • they had a point where it was hard for them to stick together and they’ve been right before to break it off, but Taylor stood by her
  • they’re absolutely happy together
  • Taylor is her big love
  • about the rumors of marriage, she said “Tay and me is a big mystery”

(credit: taylorkinneyanswers and gagsfags on twitter, thanks algagaandt)

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