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I'm Beth, 18, Italian and... I'm their CRAZIEST and OBSESSED-est (and first, probably) shipper (who has watched You And I music video usually 2 times everyday since August 17, 2011 and keeps watching it :D yeah I'm crazy), great expert (I've been following them from the first rumors of relationship) and I also write the mushiest fanfictions.
WARNING: I am totally unable to control myself every time I see them. Their cuteness makes me go literally crazy. Please take no notice. Thanks ^_^

I love each one of you xoxo (lilmonsterpride is my princess <3)

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baby, why do we love each other? &lt;3

baby, why do we love each other? <3

It’s been over 3 years and we still haven’t heard Taylor say his girlfriend’s name.

that’s something to think about.

No she said " love and marry Taylor " :) I didn't hear her saying " I'll "

some said they did hear “I’ll” :/ i don’t really know.

(maybe it’s something in our mind. we hear what we want to hear. the people who really want them to get married hear “i’ll marry”, and the people who don’t want them to get married now hear “and marry”. that’s the only explanation. I’m with it :P)

I think she said "It's the way that you love, I'll marry Taylor"

do you think so? The audio is not great, that’s what I heard, and someone who was there heard that too. but others say “that you love, i’ll marry taylor”. i don’t know :(

Taylor is always interrupting Gaga when she’s singing Gypsy, whether he’s there or not… he’s always in her mind and in the (sometimes changed) words of the song ;)

"I said honey, it’s simple, it’s the way that you love and marry Taylor" :’)








#TAYGA #drawing #art #ladygaga #taylorkinney

i repeat, jess, it&#8217;s perfect *_* i love it so much, it looks so realistic!!
(and then there&#8217;s me, who can only draw slightly decent stick men and chibis&#8230; the jealousy is real)


#TAYGA #drawing #art #ladygaga #taylorkinney

i repeat, jess, it’s perfect *_* i love it so much, it looks so realistic!!

(and then there’s me, who can only draw slightly decent stick men and chibis… the jealousy is real)

Hey beth I don't see lüc in the second video what was the time?

i couldn’t watch the second one, i’m sorry, i don’t know :/ but that’s still another version of the Haus of U videos. maybe he’s not in it. but he’s in the first (oh hideous vision)

Is there a link to the video that leaked? If so could you please post it?



these two :)

Where are the leaked vids??
i was sent these

After seeing Luc in the Haus of U cut videos that leaked, I think I’ll be traumatized for life. Also, we now know what Taylor and Gaga flirted while her boyfriend was (probably) on the set of the video.

and that Taylor probably kissed her out of character during a scene so that the people who hadn’t read the script thought it was part of the video.. but actually it was not.
i mean, they had the chance to kiss and be cute without anyone noticing, because everyone would think they were acting.

add the 3 days after finishing the video which she spent crying (that’s what she told some fans weeks ago) because she wanted to stay with him, but she was with Luc.

add the escape to San Diego, where they had finally some time alone. 

add all the Gypsy lyrics.

add the Sexxx Dreams lyrics, probably sentences really said, like
T to Gaga: “heard your boyfriend was away this weekend, wanna meet at my place?”
or real thoughts
Gaga to “the one before”: “when I lay with you i think of him

THESE TWO ARE SO FREAKIN CLEVER. they managed to keep their love, overcoming all the obstacles in their way (her boyfriend, his girlfriend, the distance…), and look where they are now!

They must have fallen in love instantly… and their desire to be together was stronger than any obstacle. a fairytale love :’)



( algagaandt and me analyzing everything at 2 a.m.)

(the videos, if you’re interested. 




Gaga for Parade magazine (mentions Taylor):

You both became famous early on. Why was fame important to you?

TB: My ambition was to help my mother after my father died [when Bennett was 10]. She was raising three children, working [as a seamstress] for a penny a dress. Fortunately, my first hit record became so big I was able to transplant my mother into nature in Englewood, New Jersey.

LG: Tony, you’re such a good man. So sweet! You sound like my boyfriend, Taylor [actor Taylor Kinney]. He always says, “I just want to make it for my mom.” I feel the same way.

It’s almost mid-September, I must start making the “Tayga 2014” video.

this year has been so full, and there are still 4 months left… it’s gonna be a long ass video :P

 “At the end of the day he’s my best friend … and having your lover be your best friend, I mean, it’s the best thing ever.”

“But I think we just complement each other. I’m proud of her, and I’d like to believe she’s proud of me. We’re kindred spirits.”